*This project was a collaboration between Countryside Books and David Peacock*

“Writing a book on the forgotten Roman cemetery at Newbury in Berkshire was my intention for years, but my focus was always on the detail. The book had to stand up to scrutiny from archaeologists, which – in spite of dozens of photographs – meant that it needed many footnotes and its appeal would be limited. I wanted to focus on the text, which was complicated enough. I wanted someone else to take care of the presentation; but take care of it in a way which would hand the relevant decisions back to me, while keeping me away from many of the technicalities. And that is what Countryside Books did. I am not claiming that my book will appeal to everyone. But they helped to make sure that this is the book that I wanted it to be; and it puts the significant Roman cemetery at Newbury back onto the archaeological map. Thank you, Nicholas and Alex, at Local Heritage/Countryside Books.

September 2018

David Peacock, author of ‘Newbury Roman Cemetary’