How it Works

Considering publishing your own book? At Local Heritage, the process is designed to be as smooth, seamless and straightforward as possible. Here’s how it works:

Step 1:  Planning

We discuss your book idea, goals and audience with you to help you perfectly frame your book, so it will resonate with an audience and help you achieve your goals. We will help you define your ideas and make sure your idea works and becomes a tight, professional outline that lays the foundation for your book.

Step 2: Editing

Our editors will help turn those ideas and typescript into a beautifully written manuscript, that is completely your ideas, in your words.

Step 3: Design

Our publishing team will design a professional book cover, lay the book out, and take care of all the other publishing details that make a professional book. Your book will look and feel at home on a bookshelf next to the most famous books out there.

Step 4: Printing

Once the final proofs have been approved by you we will take care of getting the
book printed by our professional printers. The quantity of copies printed will be of your

Step 5: Marketing (OPtional)

We will help you set up an Amazon seller account and give you some tips about
how to rank through their search.

Step 6: Delivery

Once finished the books will be delivered directly to you (UK address only).

Interested? Get in touch

Come in and have a chat with us at our office in Newbury, Berkshire, call us on 01635 43816 or email