Q: What sort of books do Local Heritage publish?
A: We mostly publish personal memoirs and local history books.

Q: Is there a limit to how long or short my book can be?
A: No. We can accommodate most lengths.

Q: What word processing programme should my manuscript be written in?
A: Generally people use Microsoft Word. However, if you have used different software or only have a hard copy we can usually accommodate.

Q: Can I see a sample of my book before it is printed?
A: Yes. You will receive a final proof before the book is printed in full.


Q: What is typesetting?
A: Typesetting is the name for the process by which textual material is presented in an aesthetic form on paper or some other media.

Q: Why do I need my manuscript typeset?
A: Most manuscripts will be written in programs such as Microsoft Word, or similar and will be in A4 format. This will mean that when this document is resized to a book size all the chapters will shift to different pages, paragraphs will finish differently and sentences may hang over to an ‘awkward’ page etc. Using a professional typesetter to lay out the text stops this happening and will improve how the book looks.

Q: Will you typeset my manuscript?
A: Yes. When we typeset your book, we will professionally layout the inside pages.  We will take care of margins, page numbers, chapter headings, all spacing, indents etc.  We will aim to make your book look the best it can possibly be with our professional typesetters. Note that typesetting does not involve any checking of grammar or spelling.


Q: Will my book be edited and changed?
A: Only if you require it to be copy edited and/or proof read will we suggest any changes to grammar or spelling.

Q: What is copy editing?
A: Our professional copy editors will check your manuscript for accuracy and consistency. They will also check, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Q: What is proofreading?
A: We use professional proof readers who will read your manuscript once it has been typeset and do a final check of spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as checking any layout errors.

Book Cover Design

Q: How do I design a front and back cover for my book?
A: We will talk to you about what sort of look you want to achieve and then our designers will show you up to three designs to choose from.

Q: What if I don’t like the cover you have suggested?
A: We want you to be pleased with your book and 100% satisfied with the service we offer so will endeavour to keep working on a cover until you are happy. However, if this involves a lot of extra work there may be a further cost, but this will always be agreed with you in advance.

Printing / Reprinting

Q: What type of formats do you offer?
A: We usually print books in either hardback or softcover. If you wish to print in another format e.g. wire bound, feel free to discuss this with our team.

Q: What is the difference between saddle stitch and perfect binding?
A: Saddle stitch binding is when folded sheets are gathered together one inside the other and then stapled through the fold line with wire staples. Perfect binding is when the pages and cover are glued together at the spine.

Q: Can the inside of my book be printed in colour?
A: Yes. We specialise in both black & white and colour.

Q: Will my book cover be printed in colour?
A: Yes. All of our book covers are printed in colour even if the inside pages are black & white.

Q: Can I order any further copies of my book after the initial printing?

A: Yes. We store your files for a minimum of 36 months after printing or reprinting your title (longer by arrangement). There will obviously be a cost attached for any reprints but we will be happy to give you a quote for this at any time.

Selling my book / ISBN / Barcodes

Q: What is an ISBN number?
A: ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. This is a unique number which contains a Publisher Identifier, Title Number (which identifies a specific title, edition number, and what format it is in, hardback or paperback), and a Group Identifier (which identifies a national, geographical or language of the publisher it belongs to).

Q: Do I need an ISBN number and barcode if I want to sell my book to the public?
A: Yes. We provide a unique 13-digit ISBN number and barcode for all books that require one.

Q: Do I need an ISBN and barcode if I don’t intend to sell my book?
A: No. If your book is not going to be sold to the public you don’t need an ISBN or barcode.

Q: Can you help me market and sell my book?
A: You are responsible for the actual marketing of your book but we will happily give you some tips to get you started.

Storage / Fulfilment

Q: Can you store my books for me?
A: Yes. We have a warehouse where we store our books. The cost is quoted on number of copies we store for you.

Q: Are you able to send out book orders for me?
A: Yes. If we are storing your books for you we are also able to fulfil any orders you receive.

Need to know more? Get in touch

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